CHRISTMAS 2017 Photoshoot.

I love a good photoshoot... creating memories makes my heart warm. And so does Christmas.. trees.. and Gemma in a reindeer hat. 


Christmas Season Kick Off

Chriiiistmas is in full swing at our house. Our Elf "wayne" (from Prep & Landing, Mark and Gemmas favorite Christmas Movie) came.. and Gemma has been extra good! We are having a blast decorating, and picking out what presents we want!! 



One of my favorite traditions. Thankful for food and good friends. 


Pumpkin Patch 2017

Its finally Fall... the most wonderful time of the year (in my opinion) is October - January. Sweaters, bad weather, hot chocolate, bright vibrant colors... it gives me all the feels. One of my favorite ways to kick off fall is to head  to the You Pick Pumpkin Patch in IF. We go at least once a week to see the kittens, ride the train and pull our wagon around. Its magical :)


Gemmas 4th Birthday

Man this little girl is loved..... We did a family only party this year and it was perfect. She was surrounded by all her biggest fans and had the best day. One of my favorite traditions is our 'age photo'... we keep it up all week and she feels so so special :)


Idaho State Fair 2017

I LIVE for the fair! The people watching, the food, the fun... man its one of my most favorite things. I work the bread barn every year.. and it really is such a blast. This year was so fun to share so many memories with Gemma too.