Individual Sessons : $50

I am PASSIONATE about helping women feel confident through Pageant/Life coaching. I try hard to keep my prices as low as possible, so that everyone can have access to these great programs!  The most affordable way to approach coaching is to purchase a 'Package' deal, listed below.

I recommend booking at least 6 Interview Sessions- to really see results. All Package Deals must be paid in advance. Once you book and pay for the sessions, we will customize your ‘Prep Plan’. Each package is customizable to you. You decide what you want to focus on. I promise you will feel confident and excited when your pageant day is here!

:: LUCKY #7 - $245 ::

By pre-booking Seven sessions you get:
-Each Session @ a reduced price of $35
-Closing Statement 
-Basic Interview Skills, as well as my Advanced Tips & Tricks 
-In session help with your paperwork/application
-In session help with Platform Development/Personal Branding
-Walking/Onstage Presence Tips & Tricks, and the chance to practice in front of mirrors!
If you’re serious about wanting to improve your interview and make sure that you have a great experience at your pageant then this is the package for you!
--$390+ Value-- 
*If your pageant does not require a closing statement then you can substitute that with any of the á la carte services listed.

:: SHE'S A 10!! - $280 ::

By pre-booking Ten sessions you get:
-Each Session @ a reduced price of $28
-Closing Statement 
-100+ Questions off your Bio FREE 
-Basic Interview Skills, as well as my Advanced Tips and Tricks 
-Help with your paperwork/application
-In session help with Platform Development/Personal Branding
-Walking/Onstage Presence Tips & Tricks, and the chance to practice in front of mirrors! 
If you’re serious about taking home an interview award or the title itself, then this is the package for you! Meeting 10 times gives us the chance to be fully prepared not just in interview, but in walking, onstage question, platform development and more. Of course I can’t guarantee what will happen that night, BUT I can guarantee that you will walk way knowing you had full control over your performance and feeling as confident as you possibly could!
--$540+ Value--
*If your pageant does not require a closing statement then you can substitute that with any of the á la carte services listed.
* Due to the nature of interview coaching, I do not provide refunds on sessions not used. If for some reason you were unable to use all your sessions, or pull out of your pageant, you can use them at a later date.  Your sessions will stay valid for up to 2 years from the date of purchase. 


//In Session Services//

 Interview Basics – 
Formatting an answer. Vocal Variety, Pace, Tone, Facial Expressions ect. Trick Questions, Two Part Questions, ect. Dressing for your interview style. Entering the Room. How to Sit/Stand. Hand Gestures. Overcoming bad habits. Ect! 

Develop Interview Content –
Learn about yourself! Know your   strengths and weaknesses. My goal is to have you leave knowing exactly who you are, and how to present yourself to the world—a skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life!  Come up with your “Fab 5”.

Answering a variety of questions-
We will cover questions off your bio, questions about you, your community, why you are doing this pageant, random “fluff” questions, current events/controversial subjects and more! 

Opening/Closing Statement Delivery- 
Leave them with a lasting impression. Delivery is everything! 

Bio/Judges Sheet Prep- 
Learn to use your bio sheet to create a strong foundation.

Jaymies Extra Tips & Tricks –
Directing your own Interview/ “Spinning”, Master the difference between, “She did good.” and “I LOVED her!”  

Personal Branding/Platform Development
Having a personal platform is vital to your success. I can help you develop a platform that is memorable and impressive! Even if your pageant doesn’t require you to have a platform, you still need to have a “personal brand” that helps the judges remember what you are all about! 

Modeling and Walking/Onstage Question
Learn what style of walking is best for your specific pageant/program, along with my tips and tricks to make you feel confident on stage! Learn the best way to handle an onstage question, how to hold a microphone, what to do with your hands, how to stand. We can cover how to announce yourself onstage too! (there is more to it than you might think!) 

Wardrobe Consulting
            Bring your wardrobe in to get suggestions. Only takes about 15 minutes of your

//Á La Carte Services//

100 +  Questions off your Bio - $20  (Top Service)
This is one of my most popular services. You MUST know your bio inside and out! If you  get asked a question off your bio that you cant give an original and creative answer to, then your wasting your time in your interview! I write 100 questions off just your bio sheet, so that you are prepared no matter what! 

Closing/Opening Statement - $20 (Most Popular Service)
            Together we discuss ideas for your closing statement, then I write you 2-3 closing
            statements, that I think will reflect the lasting impression you want to leave on the
            judges. You can take those statements and piece them together, replace my words
            with your own, and  make sure they are the perfect closing for you! Your closing
            statement is the last thing the judges will remember about you, make sure it is

Personal Branding/Platform Development - $20 (Top Service) 
I help you create your own “brand” as a contestant.  A good platform is essential to your pageant experience. Not only will it make you memorable and give you purpose behind your performance, platforms look great on college applications and job resumes. This experience is about so much more than winning the crown, planning and carrying out a platform will serve you well throughout your life! After we discuss what direction you are wanting to go with your platform, I gather as much information, quotes, statistics, ect. That would help you better understand your platform. I also can design websites, posters, think of slogans, catch phrases, activities, ect. to help your platform appear professional and well thought out. 

Assembly/Presentation Writing - $25+ (price depends on how much time you need to fill) 
In my opinion its not enough to have a good platform that you plan to carry   out if you win. You need to have already started making a difference in the area you choose. An assembly/presentation is a great way to start!  

Hair and Makeup - $20
I love helping women find their best look! I help you with your hair, take a look at the makeup you already own, and teach you the best way to use it. If you’re in the market for some new products, I can take you shopping and teach you what products you should own and how to use them! I also will teach you the best looks for onstage vs. interview. 

Pageant Prep. Plan - $0 
            I will write out a detailed plan for each of our sessions, as well as give you things to  
work on throughout the week to prepare for our next meeting. That way we can
            make sure we cover everything you want help with, and make this experience well
            worth your time! 

I am so grateful Jaymie came into my daughters life. We came to her for pageant interview advice, but we left with so much more. She taught my daughter organization, hard work, the ability to look outside herself and serve others, makeup and beauty tips, and instilled in her a sense of worth and value.  Jaymie has filled my daughter with an excitement towards life, and given her skills that I know she will use the rest of her life. 
-Annette Hill 

One of the most beautiful people we know, inside and out!! Jaymie Pentelute Minarik was my daughter's coach for the Miss Washington Teen and the Miss Seattle Scholarship competition- she is a fabulous, positive role model to young women, and is uplifting, energetic, positive, and talented!! 
-Mary Lou Brach-Roels
-Jillian Roels Miss Washington International 2013

Jaymie Minarik is the best interview coach I have ever had the privilege of working with. My daughter was recently preparing for our cities Jr. Miss program and interview was, by far, the scariest part of the program for her. Jaymie's skills at helping my daughter be able to express herself in a way that helped her show her personality and life experiences in a clear, concise, humor-filled way were unbelievable! The coaching Jaymie gave my daughter for a fabulous introduction and an incredible final statement were truly inspired. Jaymie gave my daughter the knowledge of how to stand, hold her hands, and move just the right amount during the interview. My daughter went from a tongue-tied teenager to a young woman who bounded out of her interview full of confidence and smiles...feeling she had truly done her very best---which is all I had wanted for her to get from this experience! Jaymie was also a tremendous help in the poise portion of the program. My daughter could not walk in high heels and the fact that the dresses were now short and would show her ankles wobbling was terrifying! And what was my daughter able to achieve during the program? Yep! She won the self-expression award which includes an on stage question and a routine displaying her poise in 3.5 inch heels and a short dress!! WOW! Jaymie is amazing!! Thank you Jaymie!
Jennifer S.
1st Runner-up Distinguished Young Woman 
Judges Interview Award
Self-Expression Award
Fitness Award
Talent Award

Jaymie Pentelute-Minarik coached my daughter for her DYW experience and helped give her the confidence she needed to do her best. Jaymie taught her how to be more self-assured in her answers and opinions and how to organize and communicate her thoughts in an interview setting. Not only did Jenny get an interview award for Distinguished Young Woman, but she went on to a process of five interviews to be accepted to be on staff for a national youth leadership program. Jenny thoroughly enjoyed all her time with Jaymie – she made her feel comfortable while coaching her on the things she needed to improve. We really loved working with Jaymie and appreciate all she did!  We truly think she is fabulous!

Pam and Jenny Baird. 

Jaymie helped me SO much with my Interview skills.  I became more confident with myself and with my opinions.  I was able to think on my feet and present a killer answer with the help of Jaymie!  I had the hardest time bringing back answers to me and relating it to my life.  Jaymie helped give me ideas to use and even helped me relate the simplest experiences with multiple topics.  I highly recommend using Jaymie to help hone those interview skills!
--Camille Baker 

What can I say?? Without Jaymie my daughter could have never won her title. Her tips and tricks helped her dominate in interview, and feel so confident at her pageant. I recommend her to every pageant girl I know. Simply put- You need her in your life! 
 - Natalie B.

I loved working with Jaymie! she was so good to work with and it increased my confidence! She definitely knows her stuff! I couldn't have done this without her!

-Natalie and Nicole Oswald

** Some last names have been removed due to privacy/titleholders contracts ect. 


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