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I wanted to make a little video to help anyone that visits this blog or my youtube channel to get to know me a little better.... ((but lets be honest... the few people that watch these are probably already my friends... you guys are the best!!)) BUT on the chance that you DO want to get to know me better.. here is a video about me.. from the view of my awesome/handsome/athletic/kind/amazing hubby:) 
p.s. Click HERE to watch this on youtube and please subscribe to my channel while you are there!! 


  1. I unofficially meet you 5 years ago helping out at a DYW and have seen you a few times since then (hello Rexburg!). So gorgeous and so down to earth! Way grateful for finding your site for tips to look flawless. As an only girl who grew up without a lot of makeup knowledge, my secret wish is to look like I know what I'm doing. As a mom it's hard to find the time, but I'm excited for this adventure.


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