HOW TO: EASY Orange Smokey Eye

Ok, lets just talk about something real quick.. I just posted a video, online, on youtube, for anyone to see, of my face, with no makeup on... that was a biiiig step for me! Some of you might be rolling your eyes right now, "thats no big deal!". But let me tell you, I feel like I just faced one of my worst fears ;) anyways moving on....
I am super excited to post my first makeup tutorial! Orange is suuuuch a HOT TREND right now, not to mention it makes any eye color POP!  I knew that my first tutorial needed to be this eye look. It is so easy it's insane. I promise, a beginner could do it. Yet at the same time, when I wear this look, I feel totally GLAM. Feel free to click HERE to watch this on my youtube channel and please please please subscribe! ((if for no other reason than Gemma is going to be making aLOT of appearances around here, and.. who wouldn't want to see that cute face!))

//Easy Orange Smokey Eye//

p.s. let's just talk for a second about how many times I say some version of "going in, going back in"... I mean really Jaymie?! I promise that little bug will be fixed in my next video. Thank you soo much for watching.. If you wanna never miss out on a post or a video, feel free to subscribe to me on blog lovin! (click the giant B in the sidebar on the right!) 

O and one more thing- Seriously, you all are  amazing. I am SO grateful for those of you that shared this on pinterest, instagram, facebook, youtube and more.. Even people I didn't know were messaging me and letting me know they shared it on their social media. I was overwhelmed with the love and encouragement I received last week. I am SO GRATEFUL! Please continue to share this video/my blog, that really is the only way I can get viewers is through all my lovely friends, old and new. Seriously I cant say it enough, thank you thank you thank you!! Please keep it up, your kindness doesn't go unnoticed! 
xoxo- Jaymie

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  1. Jaymie you are fabulous! Love the post thanks for the guide!

  2. thanks :) :) xoxo


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