How To: Shop for your BIRTHDAY!

It is almost my third favorite day of the year- October 11th!!!!! And if you know me at all you know...  I LOVE BIRTHDAYS. My family is BIG into celebrating each-others "special day". We have 'Birth Week'... where you are celebrated and loved all week long. My Miss Gemma was born just 3 days after my birthday... so the fact that we get to celebrate our birthdays together makes it even more special. I could go on for days about how much I love it.. instead, I will leave you with this list. If you or someone you love has a special day coming soon... here are the items I ((or anyone for that matter)) would LOVE to unwrap!! 


I really really need this in my life. I am obsessed with everything, the packaging, the colors... ooo it is just so pretty. I wouldn't mind it in SOUL either.. but MIND is right up my alley! This is probably #1 on my wants list... I better tell my hubby.

I mean, are we kidding.. those colors... Come to maama.

Not even over exaggerating.. I think about purchasing these blushes almost every single day. They are gorgeous and I want them all!! But that is the problem.. I am a weridy when it comes to shipping, and in my mind, I don't want to purchase one, till I can buy them all at once. I am head over heels for all blushes.. and I need these in my collection. I wouldn't mind getting a couple for my birthday at all!!!!

I recently purchased a bunch of the gorgeous artist shadows from makeup forever.. and they need a home. This hot pink case is just what they want to live in!

I'd say 9 out of 10 days, I am mixing 2 different kinds of foundations together... and the back of my hand is always stained... a couple of these little babies would make a big difference!

Skin Care:

//Glam Glow $69
Everyone in the beauty world knows about glam glow... it apparently is the closest thing to real life magic since Harry Potter. I've wanted this mask for SO long now, but at a whopping $69 for that teeny tiny tube, it is something I just cant justify buying for myself.. now receiving it as a gift.. that is another story!

I am in love with serums.. and Estee Lauers Advanced Night Repair Serum has been on my 'must have' list for FOREVER now. I hear it completely overhauls your skin, improves texture, reduces wrinkles, adds elasticity, improves tone.. you name it. It promises that you will "wake up to more beautiful skin every day."  I'll take two please.


I have set a new "rule" for myself, I cant buy any clothes unless they are blue, green, pink, yellow or floral... When I saw this it yelled- "BUUUYYYY MEEE!" I love the blue with my red hair, and have a serious obsession with floral at the moment. I want it, I need it.. mamma p, please buy it for me. 

I love hoodies.. this one is neon... it wants to come live in my closet. 

//Any of these sweaters from ASOS...
I may or may not have bought these already as a "Happy Birthday to me!!" present.. they should be at my doorstep on friday.... I plan to LIVE in the mustard one with the elbow patches. :) 


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