How To: Tamanna Dress Your Face Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills Tutorial

 Hi there!! I am excited to show you a NEEEEW eyeshadow palette!! Like I've said before... I am not a huge fan of 'palettes' because usually I only love one or two of the colors.. but I am telling you.. this one is FABULOUS. I mean.. look at it! Tamanna said she was inspired by Indian textiles and sarees while making this palette. With gorgeous jewel tones, you can tell this was designed with the holidays in mind. 
I am telling you.. I am gonna wear this thing every time I want to look extra fancy.

Tamanna says - It features 4 full pigment matte colors that can be blended/mixed together to create your own custom level of depth and tone and 6 silky soft shimmers for beautiful pops of jewel ones and metallics as an accent for any look imaginable. 

I didn't really have a "plan" when I started to film this.. I just sat down and used what appealed to me...  and really you can't go wrong with this palette! These colors are gorgeous, PERFECT for anyone searching for some fall glam. 

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