HOW TO: Use the Amrezy Palette for a Fall Makeup Look

I know probably no one even noticed that I was gone for two weeks, but I am PUMPED to be back filming! I promise to upload more often to make up for the absence. This video is a super quick tutorial using the Amrezy Palette. You guys, this palette ROCKS.MY.WORLD. I can confidently say it is my all time favorite collection of eyeshadows ever. I am not a huge palette fan, because I usually end up only liking 2 or 3 shades and all the rest go to waste.... but I am telling you I love every single shade in this palette. ((Except for Legend, I don't love that on myself but I have used it on a couple of my friends and it is gorgeous)) I am telling you, if you need some new eyeshadows in your life -buy this- you will not regret it!
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 Before - ((I am an odd shade of green... Its the lighting I PROMISE ;) ))
After - I much prefer the after.. don't you??! 

List of all products used:

Nars ITA Brush

xoxo - Jaymie 


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