How To: 10 Minute Mom Makeup

I have had SO many requests to do a 'mom' makeup look, so here it is!
I believe whole heartedly that you should be able to look and feel your best, even if you have a little one grabbing at your legs, eating your makeup brushes and tearing apart your house!! As a mom.. obviously your #1 concern is your children... but I have found, that if I take a little care of myself.. I can take MUCH better care of those around me. So go ahead.. give yourself ten minutes.. it can change your day! 

((10 minutes for a mom to do their makeup... is she CRAZY!!?!? No... I did NOT call this 2 minute mom makeup.. It is 10 minute makeup.. 10 minutes, as in.. enough time to put on a  full face of makeup!! This is the makeup I wear when I have a few minutes and want to still look my best. Of course there are LOADS of tips that could help you get ready/look decent in 2 minutes.. but that is for another video. This video was meant for a mom.. or anyone who wants to still look lik
e they went to all the effort of getting ready, in 10 minutes.)) 


Use long wearing products. I LOVE the Kat Von D Lock It foundation.... It stays put for hours. So no matter how many times your little one smacks/rubs/kisses your face your foundation isn't going anywhere! 
Use 1 product for 2 uses. I love using my bronzer as eyeshadow, concealer for eye primer... anything you only have to get out/open once, saves you seconds. And  as a mom... every second counts! 
Go easy on the eyes. Seriously, in this video it took me about 30 seconds to do my eyeshadow, and if I hadn't applied 'false lashes' my eyes could have easily been complete in under 1 minute. 
Highlight!! As a mother, it is easy to look tired. Using a bright under eye highlight will cover up those circles and help you to look wide awake.. even if all you want to do is go back to bed. 
Add some color. I love using a warm rosy blush with some warm lip colors. This adds some life and energy to your face in seconds. 


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