Last Minute Gift Idea!

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! And with December 25th drawing near comes the excitement of the holiday, and the dread of knowing you aren't finished with your Christmas shopping... but DON'T WORRY. I have you covered.
I'd love to be a part of your Christmas this year, below are my "Beauty Coach" Packages and Prices... these make the perfect gift for your wife, daughter, sister, friend.. anyone who is looking to up their beauty game in 2015. Hope this helps you with your last minute gifting... Merry Christmas!!!
--Because I love Christmas so much, I'm offering $10 off all services purchased from now untill December 25th!--


Want a simple 'go to look', but have no idea where to start?? This is the package for you! 
Lets get down to the basics. For this one time session we will:
--  evaluate your skin, as well as your current makeup collection.
--Then, I will show you one full face "look" (daytime or nighttime), that you can complete using the products you already own. Includes a new pair of Glam Lashes!
This is a teaching session, so we will take lots of notes and make sure you feel confident enough to re create the look on your own! Great for girls just starting to wear makeup, seniors who are looking to find a more mature look for college, or moms who just need a little help feeling like a woman again!

You have a basic understanding of makeup, but you are ready to step up your game... you need a bit more glam in your life, and this package is the perfect place to start!! 
This package is a double session where we will:
 --evaluate your skin type, as well as your current makeup collection and I help you fill in the 'holes' of the products/tools you are missing.
So often women can't recreate the looks they are after, because they don't own the correct products!
--I can then create a pinterest board FULL of product recommendations specifically for you and your needs. Once you have all the makeup you need to create your best look..
--We meet for a 1.5 hour session, where I teach you how to create 2 new "looks" using all your new beauty products. Includes a new pair of Glam Lashes!
This is my most popular service... it is incredible to hear how confident women feel after learning how to properly apply their makeup, so they can always look and feel fabulous!!   

((All Sessions are Available over Skype))


Includes Full Face of Makeup, a new pair of Glam Lashes 
((Discount for Groups 3 and up!!))

Includes Full Glam Makeup, False Lashes, and Artist Travel
With a Trial Run before the wedding -- $100

Hair - Per Client Basis

((Are you a photographer looking to collaborate?? Email me at with subject line MUA Collaboration)) 


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