Floral Crown.. Yes Please!

I have had the chance to work with some insanely talented and creative people lately... this floral shoot was seriously so much fun! Im a little late on posting this (( see my Red Hair.. O man how I miss it! )) 
This shoot out was one of the coolest experiences. Jamie Findlay Photography and 4Four Photography put together this awesome event, for MUA's Hair Stylists Photographers and Models to get the chance to get together and be creative. I was able to do makeup on three other beautiful girls.. BUT I don't have any professional photos of them.. Hopefully I can get some soon. For now.. enjoy some of me! xoxo
 P.S. Don't you LOVE my giant floral crown? As soon as I saw it I was like "O yes, that is mine!" God blessed me with an above average head size (( a kind way of saying I have a HUGE noggin!)) something that has always kind of bothered me, until I met this giant crown and knew my big ol skull could handle it! ;)

Floral Crown: Floral Philosophy
Photos: 4FourPhotography, Photographer Playground, Jamie Findlay Photography
Dress: Free People 


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