JBella Bloggers Night Out ((Carlie Stylez, Michelle Money & More!))

A few weeks ago I was asked by JBella ((an adorable online clothing store)) to come to their "Bloggers Night Out"  event down in SLC. I am telling you.. it was SO.MUCH.FUN.

I am what I call a "pretend blogger" I want to blog.. I want to youtube.. I want to have a successful online presence but lets be real, I don't put in enough effort to be 'big time' like some people do, so the fact that I was invited to a real 'blogger event' basically put me on cloud nine. Guys... I got my photos taken from THE Jessica Janae, which was SUCH a big deal to me. A while back I made a plan to go from "pretend blogger" to, "I actually put lots of work into my blog and you can tell" blogger.. and on that plan I had written down -Get Photos from Jessica Janae- not even kidding. Talk about checking something off the bucket list. Her photos are gorgeous, and I always thought working with her would be a dream (and it was!)

On top of that awesome moment in my life, the party itself was so much fun. There was bubble tea, live music, and free clothes, what more could you want! I was by the door greeting people most of the time, and as bloggers were leaving they all said some version of "now thats how you throw a blogger event!" seriously, JBella, well done!

Another HUGE cherry on top was the people I got to meet.  My girl Carlie Stylez was there. Seriously, I can NOT say enough nice things about this girl. You know when you meet someone and you're like, yes.. I get you. Thats totally how I felt when I met her. She is so genuine and kind, and I love the way she makes everyone around her feel important. She isn't talking to anyone out of 'obligation' she is genuinely interested in your life, and is seriously one of my favorite people.
I met so many cute Utah bloggers who I had never heard of before, who now I legitimately see myself being friends with... And... I got to meet Michelle Money. I can't even describe to you how excited I was to meet her. My friend Kelsi (kfullms on youtube, check her out) came as my 'person' to keep me company through the night, and on the way down we kept saying "Do you think Michelle will be there??" "Let's not get our hopes up..." "o but can you imagine!!?" We are huge bachelor fans, and her youtube channel has in all honesty changed my life. The woman taught me to shave my face for crying out loud (more on that later). Anyways, once we got there, we heard she was coming, and we both must have had the dumbest looks on our faces, because everyone in the room was like.. wow, you two must really like her... ((aka. your so embarrassing right now.)) We waited for her to come.. and waited.. and waited.. and waited... till finally Kelsi spotted her driving around looking for a parking place. She slapped my arm SO HARD I had a handprint for an hour afterwards. We finally got to meet Michelle, we told her how obsessed we were, thanked her for her wisdom she shares through youtube, and got our photo with her. Success. Meeting her wasn't exactly what we thought it would be, but she was super nice, and I'll cherish this photo forever ;).

Click HERE to Check Out my Youtube Video for all the 
"Behind The Scenes!"

Now for the photos of the clothes.. :)
                                                         ((Image: 4FourPhotography))

((Image: Jessica Janae, Model, Delicious by Chanelle))

 (Image: Jessica Janae Model: Carlie Stylez)

 (Image: Jessica Janae Model: Mom Crush Monday)


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