Redhead Heart. Blonde Soul.

                 How I went from RED RED hair, to platinum blonde, in ONE visit, using OLAPLEX. 

After almost 4 Years of being every shade of red you can think of.. I made the plunge and decided to go back platinum! I won't lie.. I miss my red hair BUT I'm glad to be back to my old self! ((image, Jessica Janae Photography))
I've had platinum hair my entire life, and, 4 years ago, I was feeling bored of it. So one day my sister and I went to the store, purchased some red extensions ((back in the good old days when I used extensions from Sallys Beauty Supply, thank the heavens I've found better!!)) Anyways. I bought the red extensions drove from Idaho to Utah to see my trusted Hair Stylist (I'm super picky with my hair and had yet to find someone in Idaho that I trusted) and he colored my hair red. I didn't tell another soul, except for my sister. Not my husband, or my mom, or my friends. No one. Their reactions were priceless... and it did take some getting used to, but in the end everyone loved my red red locks. 

I loved them too! Which is really saying something. I have a serious attachment to my hair, see THIS video here for an explanation. But, I've never felt 'prettier' than when I had red hair. I felt like this color really brought out my features, and made you notice my face more than anything else. It might sound weird to say, but I really felt gorgeous every single day when I had that red hair. 
The downside of red hair, is that every.single.time I showered, it looked like a murder was taking place. ;) My entire tub would turn red, and I'd get slightly depressed watching that dye just float down the drain. $$$. I started only washing my hair with cold water, only washing my hair once very 7 days (don't judge!) and doing all other sorts of things to keep my hair vibrant. It was WORK I tell you, but I loved it. 
Another downside, is although my roots aren't platinum, they are pretty light. So as I would get grow out, my roots would look almost grey. So, I'd have grey hair at the top, dark red after that, my natural ends would have faded to an almost orange shade, then below that my extensions would be a gorgeous vibrant red... I looked like a red rainbow, and not in a good way... But again, I was so in love with that hair that I didn't even care. Fast forward to now, when I have a super active almost 2 year old and something HAD to give! I couldn't be so focused on keeping that gorgeous color in my hair.... so.... I went back to blonde!

The Process
We started out with Red, and the first thing I knew I needed to do, was fade that red as much as I could. I had tried SO HARD to fade my hair. Everything from applying lemon juice to my hair an sitting under a blow dryer to warm it up a bit, to crushing vitamin c tablets into a paste and letting it sit for a while, to washing my hair with baking soda and Tide laundry detergent. -The Tide worked best by the way.... after just one use I could tell a big difference. Just make sure after you use any of these treatments, to treat your hair with coconut oil or some sort of deep conditioning because all of those remedies are super drying on your hair!

Another thing I did to get my hair in tip top shape before the bleaching, was Coconut Oil treatments. I just have a giant container of organic Coconut Oil in my bathroom... and I applied it every single night for 7 days leading up to my appointment. Sleeping with the oil in your hair all night makes SUCH a difference in the strength and texture of my hair. I'd recommend it to anyone! 

 After 1 treatment with OLAPLEX. (if you are a blonde and don't know what Olaplex is, fire your stylist RIGHT NOW!! It kept my hair SO HEALTHY through this process. I hardly had to cut off any length...  and my hair still feels amazing. ))
 After 2 treatments with Olaplex. I mean are you KIDDING ME!??! This blew my mind. Karissa at Namaste is the bomb. If you are in south eastern Idaho, she is your girl! 
 And here it is with my extensions. I use the 'I.Do Clip Ins' from Laced Hair extensions. They are by far my favorite hair extensions... you need them in your life. 

 It wasn't as "platinum" as my end goal.. but seriously I expected to walk out of there with orange hair. So for this to happen in ONE VISIT blew my mind. I had to go back in 3 weeks later and get it touched up, and I haven't been back since... Im LOVING my hair, it feels healthy.. olaplex is a must. If you are considering going blonde.. use it! It will save your hairs life. Hope you enjoyed this transformation!!


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