Manhattan Coat from JBella Shop with Jessica Janae Photography

This one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe! I'll be real with you, sometimes when I "model" ((Model.. that sounds so weird. I know I'm not a model, I'm a mom with a blog who happens to get lucky and collaborate with some amazing brands.. don't worry I'm fully aware of my non model status;))) Anyways, sometimes when I model certain items.. I just know they have to come home with me. This coat was one that is sitting happily in my closet right now. It is buttery, soft, and looks WAY more expensive than it really is. Score! Anyways.. Enjoy 100 photos of this amazing coat. Take it from me, the non model - You need this in your life, it will make you feel like a million bucks!! (photos - Jessica Janae Photography, and Lorena Rosser Photography)) Coat is from Jbella, and it comes in camel too! 

Yes.. I am sitting on the ledge of a VERY tall building.. I was like.. hi, I'm shooting with an amazing photographer, I'll do anything to get the shot!! 

Look at that city scape back there! Sooo gorgeous! 


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