A Journal for Gemma.

After Gemma was born, well... I don't even really have the words for all I felt after Gemma was born.. BUT one thing I really wore heavy on my heart was the importance of helping her BECOME. Every night for the last 2 and 1/2 years I pray for the ability and insight to help her become the person that God intended her to be. She is such a strong and special spirit. I have had people I don't even know stop me in the store and tell me "I don't know what it is, but there is something special about your little one, you can tell she is really going to be somebody" Honest. Multiple people have told me this about my Gemma, so I know its not my my mom goggles talking! Anyway- I really want her to grow into the best person she can. And, without sounding a bit morbid.. I am terrified at the thought that something would happen to me, and Gemma wouldn't learn all the things I wanted to teach her. Or even worse, she wouldn't see all the amazing things in herself, that I see in her, if wasn't there to tell her. (Which, I plan to do every single day for the rest of her life. Go ahead, accuse me of having major mom goggles, I will wear them with pride, and never take them off!)

So- I decided to write. I started a journal, to remember all the cute stuff about her life, and to note all the great things I see in her, as well as teach her some important lessons. I started journaling in a little yellow notebook. It has several entries, but I am worried it might get lost, or burnt in a fire.. or that my handwriting is so poor that she won't be able to read it some day. So, I figured I would type some of the entires on my blog, and that way the great and wonderful internet could host my feelings forever, incase she never needed them. So... These "Journals for Gemma" will be posted here sometimes, feel free to read them, I think there are some good snippets of advice in there.. or pass over them if you want. I just really really want to keep record of our lives, to remember all the good. And through this blog - I am going to do it!


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