Gemma Says...

One Liners, Quirky Responses and/or Truth as spoken by Gemma Elle Minarik

Anytime she thinks you are leaving her: 
"O, I will miss you aaaalll day loooong!" 

When trying to teach her about stranger danger: 
ME- "Gemma, when you're at the store with grandpa, don't talk to anybody or go with anybody but grandpa ook?"
HER- (with the saddest look on her face) "But MOM!... Because.. they are ALL my friends!"

When we go on walks with Ruby, and she really wants to hold Rubys Leash: 
HER- "Can I hooold Ruby's SEASHELL!???" 
ME - "Her Leash?"
HER - "Yeah! Her Seashell!!!" 

While playing soccer with Daddy
HIM- "Show me how to kick it really far"
HER - "Do the Gemma.. Like this!!" while kicking the ball with all the finess of Ballerina Soccer player. 

Anytime I put on a dress or a flowy shirt: 
"Mom.. you look like a BOOOOTIFUL princess!" 

When you ask her to do something she doesn't want to do : 
"Mom, not quite yet" or
"OOk, but first I... I.... I.... " as she hold her hands up in defense waiting for inspiration to strike. 

When she pops out at you from around the corner: 
"Seekaboo!!" (peekaboo) 

While singing "If your happy and you know it clap your hands" 
"If your happy and you know it... kiss your mom!" (My favorite) 

Anytime someone says they don't feel good/they are tired
"It's ook, I'll take care of you!" (brings you piggy and blanky) "Im so happy I take care of you mom!" 

While acting out Winnie the Pooh
"Hurry the bees are coming, kick, hide!! Under my brella!" 

Anytime she says a prayer we must include this line: 
"Protected.. by angels" (if you forget to say the by angels part, when we all say amen, she will just look at you and mutter, by angels, by angels, until you repeat the entire prayer) 

And my ultimate favorite, while singing silent night at the top of her lungs: 
"Sleep in HEAAVEnly beeeEEEES, sleep in heavenly BEEEES!" 


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