Christmas 2016

Christmas was so so magical. Every year with Gemma it just keeps getting better and better! 
 Gemma was over the moon excited about her Doc McStuffins Checkup Cart. She was actually so so excited to open up anything.. You can see below here- she opened up new church shoes, a relatively boring present to a 3 year old, and just jumped up and put them on to model them for us. I love that about her.
Another favorite gift of Gemmas was her camera. She took 157 photos the first day!!!! We also got our hands on the hot toy of the season, a  "hatchimal" and Gemma was so so excited to get her Catboy (from PJ Masks) Costume and Cat Car. 

The rest of the day was spent playing the favorite gift- NES Classic Nintendo. I was blown away at how good Mark is at Mario Brothers. He remembered every single warp zone, short cut, and whatever else makes you good at that game. We all had a ton of fun watching him play ((I don't like video games in my house.. we haven't had any in 6 years, so I'm sure it was fun for him to let out his inner 10 year old since I'm such a party pooper)). We had an amazing Lobster Tail and Flank Steak Dinner and just sat around playing with all our toys and spending quality time with each other. I LOVE Christmas!! Im so sad its over but we are trying to keep the spirit in our hearts all year long! 


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