New Year & Thoughts about Time.

Happy New Year! 
We don't to new year resolutions around here... but we are BIG FANS of the One Word Challenge. Click here to read more about it-  Coming up with my 'word' for this year was easy. 

I knew right way that I wanted to focus this year on "Habits".  I want to establish family systems/routines that make the most of my time. I am planning a big post on exactly what those "habits" are, but for now I just wanted to put the idea of creating good habits out here on my blog.

  Jord Wood Watches sent me this watch for Mark a few weeks ago and I fell in love with a quote they had on their website. 
"The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count."

That hit me!! My life motto is "make it matter" I try and live every day with the idea that we only get one shot at this life--- live it to the fullest! Make it matter! Make it count! I think establishing strong habits and systems are the perfect way to make sure that you make every second count. 
I want habits that involve:
More structure for Gemma and I. 
 Watching less TV.
Creating healthier Meals for my family. 
Making the most of our Sundays with Family Meetings and Goal Setting sessions.
Morning and night routines that involve exercise and scripture reading. 
Replacing anger with kindness. 
Replacing idolness with productivity. 
and so much more... Like I said. That definitely deserves its own post. 

But for now I will just leave my motivation here--- these two are my greatest gifts... and I hate the days when I go to bed feeling like I didn't make the most of my day-- Gemma and I watched too much TV, I didn't make the most of my time with Mark once he got home from work... you get my point. Regret is my worst fear- I hate that feeling, especially when it has to do with regretting how I spent my time. After this life, I think we will have all of eternity to think about how we chose to spend our time hear on earth and it is my number one goal to make sure I can say without a doubt that I spent it loving, growing and living with joy!  

Isn't that watch gorgeous?! You can find it HERE. Or shop all their mens watches HERE. Or womens HERE. This post wast sponsored by Jord Wood Watches. Photos by KLJ Photography Design. 

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