Christmas in July!

Happy 7.25. Man- I need to blog more. I just got on here to post this and realized.. just a few posts ago was ACTUAL CHRISTMAS. 

 One of my favorite traditions is Christmas in July. For the past several years in July I have a little party with my nieces. Its evolved over the years to a full blown Christmas celebration. This year we went all out and I even convinced my sweet supportive husband to put up the tree!!! It was magical. We light candles and had diffusers going so my home was filled with the scent of Christmas.... we wore ugly Christmas Sweaters, made Christmas Caramels, watched Christmas Vacation and stayed up late playing games and talking. Seriously- it made my heart so happy. I can't wait for the real deal. (Only 5 more months!)  Gemma was so excited- although it did take a lot of explaining to help her understand that Santa was not coming... and the next morning when she woke up to presents under the tree (I always get them  little something, because.. whats Christmas with no presents??!) She was so convinced he had come... Maycee and Pyper (my nieces) had a sleep over that night, and to add the "July" aspect of Christmas in July, we went to lunch and swimming the next day. All in all it was the perfect made up holiday.  I know I'm the Crazy Christmas Lady... and I'm proud of it!! 


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