Wedding Day!

In July we made our way to Tri Cities, Washington (the city Mark and I first lived in after we got married) to see his little brother Mikey get married. It was such a fun trip.  The actual day of the wedding was HOT. I'm talking, I had sweat dripping in my eyes, hot. Gemma kept talking about the temple saying--  "this is my Castle!"  and these pictures of her and Mark melt my heart!!! Every time she see's them she tells me- that is where I married my daddy in the temple.... she cracks me up. Her arm in the second photo... so funny.  

While we were in the temple for the actual ceremony-- I was filled with so much gratitude that my family is eternal. I seriously lucked out with Mark and Gemma. As we were leaving and heading out back to take photos we ran into the cutest little boy who was there to do Baptisms for the first time. He was telling me all about it- he was adorable!

We were able to stay with one of Marks best friends from High School and his wife at their amazing home.. it was so fun to catch up and hang out with them.

 It is our new plan in life to get their house plans and build a new house just like it in Rexburg. If only we hadn't just built our house.. ;) 
 A highlight of the trip for me was being able to see one of my best friends Natalie for literally 6 minutes in the parking lot of Bonefish Grill..... haha! I miss her so so much and even just a few minutes of talking with her was so good for my heart. 

We are so happy for Mikey and excited to have Kelsey in our family!!! xoxo 


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