Oregon Coast Part 2. Bonfires on the Beach, Hatfield Science Center, Kite Flying, Exploring Newport, and a Beachside Pool.

For more on our trip to the Oregon Coast check out Part 1. 
I took about 10,000 photos of Gemma running on the beach. Honestly I wish I would have taken more--- ha! It was so so beautiful... and her frolicking through the sand perfectly captures the joy that we felt while being there! 

On day 2 we decided to head to the beach with some really fun Kites that Nana and Papa (Marks mom and dad) had for all the grandkids. It was perfect kite flying weather and we had SO much fun! Our brother in law  Micah tied one kite to another kite, and then those two kites to a extra large spool of kite string.. I wish I had a photo but the kite was so high my camera couldn't even capture it. I felt like they had beat some kind of world record! 

 Here is a look at the back of the Inn, and the LONG stair case that we had to climb every time we wanted to go to the beach. What a beautiful view we had from the top!!! 
 More sand frolicking because... why not?? 

 The boys marveling at how high that kite was. 
 Another favorite part of our hotel was the pool. Well, really it was more of a giant hot tub, and it over looked the ocean.... I'm telling you I don't know how much more you can ask for in life! It was stunning, and the kids had so much fun swimming in WARM water!!  

 We also had a little bonfire on the beach where we roasted marshmallows and ate Smores....

Then we headed off to the Hatfield Marine Science Center to see all sorts of sea creatures and learn more about the ocean. Gemma ate it up!

 After that we headed to downtown Newport to explore. The food there was heavenly!! I had the best shrimp & crab cocktail I've ever tasted. And really good chowder and.... well you can imagine the sea food was GOOD! 

Yeah that was WAY too many photos for one post!! If you made it all the way through... snaps for you! Part 3 coming soon.. Mostly just photos of Gemma on the beach... get pumped! ;)  


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