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Why are you so obsessed with makeup? 
I mean.. I LOOVE makeup!! But my obsession is  really in living my BEST life possible. When I was young, I had some serious health issues... and because of this I quickly learned that we only get ONE SHOT at this life. One year to be sweet 16, one first home, one chance to make a first impression, one chance at life. Because of this, I set out on my own pursuit to make my life as beautiful as I could. When I started, I had it all wrong! I thought to have a beautiful life all you needed was to be skinny, have white teeth, nice clothes, long hair and wear lots of eyeliner and sparkles, and while I still love white teeth, long hair and sparkles, I've come to realize that those things don't make life beautiful. YOU DO. Beauty comes from knowing exactly who you are, and loving every part of yourself. A beautiful life comes from being able to express that beauty through your appearance, your home, your goals, and your interactions with others. I hope this blog is an inspiration for us all, to help us all live in  JOY!

What brand of extensions do you use, and can you teach me how to put them in my hair?
Not to brag.. but I consider myself an expert when it it comes to extensions. I've been wearing them for 7 YEARS! I've tried several different types of extensions,  and I am currently loving-- Laced Hair Extensions.  They clip in, so they dont damage your hair... believe me I've tried a MILLION different brands and these are by FAR the best bang for your buck! I wear mine! 
Click HERE for a "How To: Get Long Locks" 

What color is your hair?  
((when it was red))  The salon I go to is a Davines approved salon. Their color line is beeeautiful. Keeping hair red can be ridiculously difficult... but I have a few tips and tricks to make it a bit easier!
Click HERE for a video all about my hair care. 

What is your skin care routine? 
Click HERE for my skin care routine. 

What do you use to fill in your eyebrows?
 I am obsessed with eyebrows!!! I am always trying new products so, 
Click HERE for my current eyebrow routine. 

I am interested in getting a makeover for my daughter/mother/sister/aunt/ect. how much do you charge? 
If you live near me, I'd be happy to help style you or your loved ones ( : Prices vary depending on the service requested.  I have had clients with very different wish lists, from those who just want makeup ideas, to those who take me shopping with them to find a new wardrobe to go along with the new makeup looks.. Im open to do anything to help you bring out your beauty!  
You can email me at for more info! 

You coached my friend/cousin/sister/ect. and she recommended I go through your program. How do I sign up for your Pageant Preparation or Life/Image Coaching Services?
Email me at to reserve your time slot. I do face to face coaching, but have also had many clients from other states who have been successfully coached via skype! Spots fill up VERY quickly!


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